Why Daily Bread?

When the Israelites walked through the wilderness, God promised to provide manna, or bread, from heaven— just enough for one day’s portion.  Obviously, not knowing what tomorrow would bring, they gathered much more than they needed for that day. But, when they woke up the next morning all of the leftovers had rotted.  I can’t imagine the stress and anxiety they felt-- unsure of how they would be able to feed their families, let alone survive. BUT, in God’s kindness and faithfulness, He provided just enough for that day once again. And the next day, again. And again. And again.  Many years later, when Jesus’ disciples asked him how to pray, he taught them and modeled in his own prayer “give us this day our daily bread.”

I believe God wants us to learn how to depend on Him in the same way he taught the Israelites.  We find an incredibly desperate but unspeakably sweet intimacy with our Creator when we trust Him on a daily basis. Tomorrow? Well, we’ll worry about that when it gets here. For now... He promises to give you what you need TODAY. It may be a conversation with a friend, a scripture you read, a song on the radio, or the sunset you see on your drive home from a long work day. Whatever it is— it will be just enough to sustain you until tomorrow. And with every new sunrise, His mercies will be new once again. I promise.... but don’t take my fickle word. Take His. He is the ultimate promise maker and promise keeper.

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